We’re a Rock & Roll Band

forgotten epiphany we’re a rock and roll band todd new twilight zone pregnant by kiss paul turquoise pop punk high speed motor boats of the rock and roll randy recorded 2004 with Paul, Steve, Bernie and Randy

grand Autre

amore goose-stepping to bastardized swing unplanned expedient intermittent explosive disorder spring collection unplanned expedient liquor; tacos code red ll gets funky unplanned expedient sound chicken recorded memorial day weekend 2003


batman smells, robin laid an egg plane of consistency rupert’s lost cork metronome bachelor crib this is not a tennis match vita pup colorless green ideas recorded 2002 by leslie keffer at ohio university

Self Titled

cleopatra’s cooter middle of the east deviled shoes something with babylon if outer space clown blow 4:00 pseudo 1 pseudo blue i was born on the 12th ono dance radio spy moses part my hair motorcycle maid recorded 2001 athens, ohio